Mid Grant Review

On February 24th, between 3:00 and 7:00 pm, our InvenTeam held its very first Mid-Grant Technical Review (MGTR). The purpose of the MGTR was to show off what the team had done so far with the InvenTeam grant received from the Lemelson-MIT Foundation. 

For this event, our team decided to split up into four groups to present individually on the different aspects of our project. These groups were our Sustainability, Community Engagement, Finance, and Engineering teams. Prepping for the event began in January, throughout which the groups organized their presentations and prepared materials. Each group presented on their role/s in the project. The Sustainability team, Diego and Lillian, discussed how they are getting together with the Engineering team to develop a sustainable design for the prototype, and are also trying to become certified by the SolidWorks Corporation. The Finance team, Cecelia and Joan, discussed the spending to date of the InvenTeam and the plans for spending the remainder of the money. In the Engineering room, Andy, Steven, Case, and Colin showed guests the current prototype as well as past prototypes. The Community Engagement team, Evan and Sanye, explained the InvenTeam’s plans for fundraising and also mentioned the community meetings the team had presented at thus far. They also shared how the audience could help support the InvenTeam. In every room, the guests provided great feedback that the team will use to further improve the prototype and overall project. The event was Live Streamed on the InvenTeam’s Facebook page.

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