The Problem and Our Solution

Why IADS is so important.

  • In 2012 deer crashes accounted for 1,329 injuries as well as eight fatalities just in Michigan alone.
  • Claimed by the National Safety Council in Chicago, deer-vehicle collisions annually result in over 100 motorist deaths and about 7,000 injuries. As well as effecting humans these collisions kill as many as 350,000 deer each year.
  • The National Highway Traffic Administration’s determined that the annual national cost in motorist fatalities and injury from deer-vehicle collisions alone remains around $200 million per year nationally.
  • On top of that, the average expenditure of vehicle damage repairs from hitting a deer is $2,000. Estimating 350,000 such collisions a year, from only the reported deer collisions, the total annual cost of vehicle repair is $700 million.

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